Customer Management System

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Customer Management System in ADODB Connection

with reports and search query

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Hey guys, I finally ran the source and found everything. The user is 'admin' and password is 'password' contact me @ [email protected]

hi? can i know the password and username? i cant open using my PORTABLE VISUAL BASIC. pls help. and thanks a loT:D

cool stuff u develop man....tas

Pls i need the username and the password to login.
A great job welldone.

hey dude, your system its so very simple, there are anomalies may occurred in your Database such as Duplications in your customers name. and having different ID for the same person is a no no.

pls study further database design, and if you need source codes regarding duplication; you may response to [email protected]

keep a good work dude.

can u send me source code to avoid duplication of entries..thanks..u can email me at [email protected]

Magandang umaga tol. Can u help make? I need to make a Database using SQL Server for my school project. Can you help me?

VB6.0 or ??

Visual Basic 6.0 only a novice in programming


Based on the Print screen provided, It only shows that this came with VB 6 or lower ! right? :))) ^_^

Consultant / .Net Developer

::[email protected]::


Great code. Thank you

Am one of the vistor of this site and I really appriciate your work and it is helpful!! in addition i need you to give a hand (help) on Human resource Management system in sending me with [email protected] if you have them one thanks

A Road Map to the Future Need !!

email me sir. [email protected] thanks :)

Consultant / .Net Developer

::[email protected]::


i really liked your work and need some help on Human resource Management system b/c am doing a project on the title and need some source code will you give me any of the source code if you have them any thanks and appriciate your help !!!

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