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hi guys! That is my first visual project on the Sourcecodster. where i think that it provide the help to the beginner.
It contains that how to using stock details and how to manage the selling report.
I hope it provide the help all of you.............!

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can you help me how to do billing system .. i bakery .. please respond as soon as u can thank you .. hope u will help me in my project


I was wondering if you have this for Visual Studio Express 2012. If you could send me this please?

email: [email protected]


please any one provide me stock maintenance system in c++ becoz i know only c /c++ language

can you help me do this? can you give the codes of Billing System?

How I change company name , address , contact number in this application """""

hi! sir admin !
just wanna ask ...our billing system is an electricity billing system and we have to use a barcode scanner . Any suggestion sir, on how we can improve our program thanks,

I want to open this project in

what kind of Billing System is that?? because i do a water billing System and the organization wanting to buy our system and it is already in a process.. we maintenance the system... my question do u have a code that print a batch printing of a statement of account???

hey bro error in sale.....

Hi bro,

Can you help me, I want to have only one botton command to import the excel file into mysql data base using visual foxpro.

This is the sample data (in excel)
drawing_no area process line_no revision joint weld_cat spool weld_type size sheet line_class partno
ZONE9-2U0GHC10 ZONE9 DW 2U0GHC10 0/0/0 001 3 1 F 6 1 A6 4-1
ZONE9-2U0GHC11 ZONE8 cW 2U0GHC10 0/0/0 003 3 1 F 24 1 A6 4-1

then the condition:

Note :
DrawingNo - raw data drawing_no + sheet
Sheet – must be formatted as 2 chars (eg. 02, 03,….)
Spool – must be formatted as 3 chars (eg. 002, 003,….)
Weld_cat = must be converted 3 = Field, 5=Shop
Weld_type = must be converted B = BW, T=Threaded, C=Branch Connection

My name Marcelo Gengosa
email: [email protected]
I can give you back something if you can provide me this code.tnx a lot.
I need this saturday or friday the better.tnx

Is there a version of this program? pl send me
my email address : [email protected]
your Source Codes is good good luck

can u make me billing system in school?i need it..


this will work for vb 2008..

please help me for my defense of hospital billing system using VB 6.0

Is there a version of this program?

yes i have

The billing system is a nice application. While trying to run report for invoice, it prompt this ERROR MESSAGE "APPLICATION-DEFINED OR OBJECT-DEFINED ERROR". What can be done to correct this?

Thank you.

please install on your system VB first.

thank you


thank you

hey,..thanks for your system..

i really appreciate it..

im a BsiT Student from MINDANAO!

thank you,..more system and more powers///

Not Run Billing System

.Microsoft Jet OLEDB 4.0
path Find

Plz Solve problem

[email protected]

can you send me the print screen of the error.
Please send me it.

Thank You

very nice wera

wat is the password and user name

User Name : a
Password : a

not work.
user name:a
password :a

please help me...
[email protected]

if you have any error then tell me else it running.

more practice....

Can tell me how to improve it....

can you gave a sample of cable billing system

can you send me a flowchart of this billing system?

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