Bio Authentication in ATM Using Fingerprint

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This application is a visual basic application to secure the ATM machine with the use of fingerprint device to prevent unauthorised access. With the use of Griaule Biometric Licence. Access to an account is with the use of the four digit PIN with the use of the fingerprint previously collected at point of registration by the bank. It has a link for New Customer Registration, Deposit, Withdrawal, Update Account, as well as change of PIN number

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Hi can someone help send the source code for developing a fingerprint based atm project.I need assistance for the same and if there is someone who can offer any kind of assistance i will appreciate in as much possible way i can.

Thanks for your sharing.It is appreciated very much. And I wonder whether there are some differences between the online pdf-417 barcode generator I am testing these days and the one you mentioned above? Do you have any ideas about it? Or any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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