DTR System/Fingerprint Reader

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---------------DTR SYSTEM/FINGERPRINT READER-------------

It allows you to enroll employee using fingerprint reader,
it requires griaule installer/grfinger 2009 component and fingerprint reader like microsoft fingerprint reader.,

This is a simple program, demonstrate and how to create a DTR system using fingerprint reader.

Thanks for downloading my simple program.

Enjoy coding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi sir you know the zkemkepeer?I want to create software like this but my dll is zkemlepeer pls help how to get data.Please!

sir,, can you send the full code of this system to my [email protected] tnx po

how can i get this source code?i need to register first?

I downloaded the code for digital persona and i have the device but it complained user defined type not found and highlighted tp As FPTemplate

sir please check your project if you registered the dll of grfinger driver in the system32. thanks

Occidental Mindoro State College

Hello Good day, sir please can you send me the complete codes of this program? i beg you sir my head is gonna break i cant figure it out i really need your program for my thesis please sir, help me send the codes to my email [email protected] please christmas is coming santa will give you present please send me the codes sir.. Godbless!!!

dear sir plz give me .net code [email protected]

Hello sir, follow this link http://www.griaulebiometrics.com/page/en-us/downloads to download the .net sourcecode.

Occidental Mindoro State College

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