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Sample library system that will handle the basic functions or activities in the library.

Features of the system:
1. Book records management
2. Database Backup and Restore Utility
3. Report Generation (Book Inventory, User's log, etc)

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Nice UI and Functionalities

i need codes for my library system. can u help me?

ehehehe..the system if free to download, but if you want me to modity the code just email me ([email protected])

I Appreciate your work. Good UI. Is it possible to convert this program to open in VB 2010?? I got VB 2010 i have no idea how open it. If you can convert this could you send it to [email protected]. Thanks in advance.

pede po mahinge ng databse ng na download nmin na library system kasi ndi nmn ma edit eh baka mahalata po kami sir tyron :) tnx po

hi.. can u help me for my documentation in library system? plz..

sir can u share the password on how to open the database of ur library system?

pwd po ba mahinge yung library system yu tnx po tu po email q [email protected] TNXXXXX

I was very impressed by your code, however how can i access the library i.e. xdatax.library i am trying code a similar system for academic purposes, however am a beginner


i was very impressed by your code however is it possible for u to guide me on how to access/open your library i.e. xdatax.library i am trying to code a similar project for academic purposes

thank you


thank you for the positive response, just tune-in on our website i'll be updating the database sooner.

Good Day sir can i get a copy of the docu?

Hai sir please share your codes to me this is my final project in 1st semester 2015.just send to my account [email protected] thankyou Sir I hope u can give me.godblessyou

hello dear
thanks for this library system, i want to use the similar project for my bca project.

with regard

hi!!Thank you..just email me if you have questions and problems ([email protected])
Thank you once again..

hello dear
thanks for this library system, i want to use the similar project for my bca project.

with regard

you can contact me via my email ([email protected]) W

Thank you.!!

I like the way you made the GUI and the process of transaction.
if you you don't mind if i ask you on how to for example would like to import a marc format record to a database like your system. An example of marc is here:,1&SEQ=20110902234...

Which can be downloaded in MARC format and imported to a database. Can you help me how to go with this?thanks so much..

Im not able to find the data base file in this project.. can ytou guide me how to find the DB file

the database is encrypted. for more info email me ([email protected])..thank you..

How do i run this? I already downloaded it.
also to make some changes, I plan to use this as our thesis. ty!

I have in my PC Microsoft Visual Basic 2010.

it was developed in vb6. you can't open it on higher version of visual basic..

How do i run this?

I have MS Visual Basic 2010

id like to use it as our thesis project :D
Thank you!

Can u give me more vb6.0 examples mail [email protected]

you can download my projects here:

hi po i really like your icon, pwd po ba humingi ng link kung san nyo po kinukuha ung icon tnx & more power ^^,


Hi........ The Project Is Really very Good......... Both in FrontEnd BackEnd And Aswell as the Coding is Superb........ But can you tell how to get access the encrypted database......... OR PLZ upload the database(I.e Not encrypted one) If i have commented any thing wrong sorry for that............

ur so weak!!

Open up your MS OPEN and browse to the folder where you extracted the Files.. click the drop down "Files of Type" and choose "All Files"..You will now see that many files are visible..choose "xDatax.library" will be prompted to enter password: the password is "library" w/o quote..but before you click "OK" press "SHIFT" in your keyboard then while holding down the "SHIFT" click now "OK"..Holding down shift will prevent you from showing Switchboard Form and enables you to see all the database files.

Database Password: tyronlibrary

Thank for the comment on how to open the database............. i got to know how to open the database now......... But i am not able to save the database(i.e "Save Database As") can i get to know the procedure how to save the database(i.e "Save Database As") with diffrent name............. Thanks in Advance....... Sorry if i am commented Any thing Wrong,..................

ur so smart...GODBLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you>!!
Happy Coding!!!

hellow..plz help me for my library documentation.,,,.,if u have pls send to my email account [email protected],,..,,tnx

your project is awesome this very useful for every students....
thnks for uploading...

Ur project is best..How to accept Database [email protected]

[email protected]

Hey can you pliz sent me the documentation of library system at [email protected] i need it urgently Thank You

pliz send me Library System Documentation at [email protected]

is your project library can connect to a barcode reader device?

hi can you help me with my project Library system with barcode reader Device.. Thanks

there is an error when using add category, error is argument not optional, please fix this errror

there is error in add category. please solve it

there is a major error in add category, we cannot edit or update category, an error displays "Argument not optional". please give a solution for that error. please.........

When i try to login using the admin password. It gives an error .

how to auto generate the call # of the book?

mark baladad

Hi... I've sent an email to you, hopfully you can help solve my problem. Thanks you.



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