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Visual Basic .NET Source Code

Free Visual Basic .NET Source Code. Download 10 latest Visual Basic .NET system's projects with source code for free here.

Document Management System in VB.Net

This is a Client Server project entitled Document Management System written in and SQL Server Management Studio R2 2008 database for Mines and Geosciences Bureau. There are three (3) sections in the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, namely: under the MGB ROXIII - ISHES - MMT/CMVR - SDMP - MWMT - NGP/MFP - E/M and Explosive - Others 1. Safely and Health - Annual Safety and Health Program (ASHP)

Computer-Based Inventory Management System in

This is a project entitled Computer-Based Inventory Management System written in and Microsoft access database for Surigao Doctors College. The system has the following features: - Cataloging - Inventory - Circulation - Borrow - Return - View items - Maintenance - Stock-in - Stock-out - Item type - user settings - Generate report - History logs - About us - Logout Account Information

Pharmacy/Chemist POS and Invoicing Software

Pharmacy POS /Chemist Management System allows User to sell medicine , Over the counter or at any Hospital, Easily Integrated with Email to SEND invoices and Print Receipt. This is one of my very best Project i Decided to Share with you Guys FEATURES 1. Point of Sale (POS) and Invoicing 2. Transaction Management 3. Diffrent methods of Payments 4. Email Intergration 5. Transaction Reversal 6

Library Monitoring System Using RFID

Instead of a library card, this system uses RFID in timing in and out and also for borrowing books in the library. Before the system with RFID, the system with a library card, librarian or student assistant, and students they manual input their time in and out, name, book name, and signature. With RFID system, they just tap the RFID then it will time in or out and saved so having RFID is better

Expression Parser and Evaluator

Jonathan Wood Of BlackBelt Coder wrote an expression parser / evaluator in C#. It is available on his website to download for free. I found the expression parser / evaluator interesting, because it is a very good example of advanced programming, so I decided to convert the source code to Visual Basic.Net, in order to learn more about programming in that language.

Simple Resident Information Management System (CRUD) Using MySQL Connection

VB.Net Using Mysql database which can: - add - Update - search - add pictures - update pictures - navigation button like next and previous button - Login form using different users with their different forms - Fetching data using datagridview in mysql feel free to enjoy my system If you may ask question .. just message me on facebook [email protected] or gmail [email protected] enjoy :3

Ticketing Management System

This is a project entitled Ticketing Management System written in and SQL Server Management Studio R2 2008 database for Small Port of Surigao City. The system has the following features: - Ticket Transaction - Passenger's list - Generate Report - login trail - Audit trail - Capacity of boat - Availability of Chair - Payment Account Information: username: admin password: bermz For more