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Visual Basic .NET Source Code

Free Visual Basic .NET Source Code. Download 10 latest Visual Basic .NET system's projects with source code for free here.

Create a dynamic NumericUpDown and button into the DataGridView.

This article is an extension of the grid capabilities (DataGridView) which is the basic control (or component) that is attached from Microsoft. By adopting a button that increases or decreases integer values (NumericUpDown) is inserted into the grid (Between 1 - 100), but there will be something special will cause 2 events: Mouse click, click on the cell of the grid that we want, then the

Barangay Health Center Information System

This Barangay Health Center Information System is an automated system that aims to help health workers and midwife in-charge in organizing and monitoring the medical records of patients in every barangays and reduce the hours during the consultation process. This system ensures that records are well secured in a centralized database wherein an authorized health worker can easily check the records

Advanced Outpatient Management System

This is full Source code for outpatient management system that has been developed using 2008 and mysql server as a back-end. its consists of the following modules: Outpatient registration Consultation Pharmacy Pharmacy POS Procedures Laboratory Reports Accounts Master settings Database backup please click this youtube link for demo: For more information, contact us on Contact: +25416005704/

Enrollment System Using VB.Net and MS Access Database

Enrollment system made easy! This system aims to minimize the effort and stressful time of everyone during enrolment process. This is a user-friendly system, so it is easy for everyone to use the system most especially its functionality. There will be no more manual enrolment transaction that took a lot of time of work because this computerized enrolment system is way better that it can help save time, money and alleviate stress.

How to Call .exe Files Using Visual Basic .NET

Hi guys, In this tutorial you will learn on how to call .exe files. Source code is downloadable below. Step 1 First Create a new Project Step 2 Create User Interface Step 3 In Every button put this code Source Code Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Try System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("Calc.exe") Catch ex As Exception

Computer Equipment Monitoring System Using Visual Basic 2015 and MySQL Database

It’s very important to monitor your equipment most especially if you have a computer laboratory at school. So, this computer monitoring system is surely a big help in doing the task. This is a user friendly system and its features can be easily learned. The main purpose of this system is to accurately manage all of the computer equipment and to determine in what place or laboratory it belongs. And

Philippine Statistics Authority (Employee Management System) Using 2010 + MS Access Backend

Features - Register Employee Information - Register Employee Training last Attended - Can Switch Admin or User mode - User Friendly - Export data`s to Excel - Can Generate Employee Trainings - Register Employee Accounts & remove - Admin & User Feature - Back-up Database Hope you learn basic coding guys .... if you have questions contact me: Support Developer by donation

Encrypt - Decrypt Multiple Files

Encrypt - Decrypt multiply files with one click. You do not have to worry about your personal files any more than they mistakenly mislead the wrong people. With one click you can encrypt your files and decrypt them when you need them in the future. You can also lock the folder (hide only and user permissions - it's not 100% secure - other applications beyond window file manager can access). Be

Inventory Management System Using Visual Basic 2015 and MySQL Database

Doing an inventory can be a tough job but here’s a software based inventory system that will keep your inventory balanced. This inventory system lets you track the inventory and sales. Aside from that this system also includes tasks such as stock-in, stock-out and return for products. This uses variety of information or data to keep track of the product as they move through the process, including

Hotel Management System Using Visual Basic 2015 and MySQL Database

This hotel management system is an automated management system that aims to simplify the task in managing hotel operations and functions. If you are a person with an entrepreneurial mindset this system is ideal if you want to put up a small hotel business. This system allows guests to make direct reservations and bookings through calling in the front desk. They can also do walk-in reservations and