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This is one of my source code written in VB .NET 2003 before and upgraded this to version 2008. It has a few features but most of the time you cannot find this in other application.

Basic features:

  • Autosize cell and autowrap
  • Parent/child or master/detail form
  • Password manager

Account information

username: admin

password: admin

database password: jay

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good day. sir can u ask for a version of this in 2008. i am self studying student i want to learn more in order to gain knowledge and used it for a future job and to be successful. can u pls email it ro me pls...... thank you sir for your kind consideration.. more power to you.

i try to run this im using visual studio 2008 and it prompt me an error in form gmodule on dbConn.Open().. dont know how to debug it pls help

would you send me .. the full inventory system ?

sorry for posting in this old thread but admin i nid 2005 version of ur project.. or even other program that can save search update edit.. front end 2005 backend database mssql 2005.. plss send to my mail.. [email protected]

thank you sir.

all of your projects need crystal report!!! can u tell me after installing crystal report what extra i have to do to run your project like infant system!!!

can u gave me full detail of enrolment and grading system pls

sir i want to ask a favor regarding my midterm because we assign to make an record system using visual basic 2008 sir will help me to have this code and I try to study how it be perform! please sir I need your help!
thanks and God Bless!!!
this is my email-add [email protected]

You can download the code for free.

sir can u give me a sample program on ID Automation using barcodes. i really need it for my research. hers my add [email protected] ...thank you and more power.

I need the program and hotel reservation service record in 2003 but the two if I can help will thank you very much.


my email is: [email protected] or [email protected]

Sorry but I don't have 2003 version of hotel reservation.

Can you please senf the 2003 version for this.
I am very much interested. my email add is [email protected]

kind regards,

Instead of using 2003 version why don't you use the 2008 version?

Can you give me the 2003 source code for this. I am very much interested. My email is [email protected]

Kind regards,

anyone can give me some idea of wat thesis would be gud?
i want to use
and i havent have title yet... pls help me..
this is my email: [email protected]

I think you should develop Point of Sales System that supports barcode and cash drawer. Emond has contributed a program called Open Cash Drawer(POS). Use this program with permission from emond.

good dday sir!!!
how can i start creating a windows sample form.. im a biginer in vb 2005

I'm currently editing my tutorial on "Database Programming Made Easy". It will be available soon.

Hi, i was wondering if anyone has knowledge about Visual Studio 2008

sir, ,

do you have any code or any screen shot for the monitoring system or scheduling , , (Any one help me in my Thesis)



If you mean like Internet cafe monitoring system then you can download it here. Look at the right sidebar under the popular content.

when i'm extracting the Internet cafe billing the file is broken, , plz help me, , ,


do yu have sample in using hard code? cause every time i use databinding it seems the database loose the connection sometimes...thanks

Please refer to Database Programming Made Easy for a hard coded connection.

hi im having a problem regarding of saving files i encoded to the there any way of saving it to the database(sql2000)...thanks

hoping for your help....

Please study Enrollment System v1.0 as I am using datagridview and SQL Server 2000 for this program.

hi can you plz help me to my problem , ,

my Dean want a program hmmm " FACULTY LODING SYSTEM ", ,

and she want a language to use that system,,

send me any sql server compact addition souce code example

Good Day Sir !
       im interested to learn the vb .net 2005 version i dont have any idea of this. can you please send me a installer of ang also some tutorial program that can help me do this application... im welling to know this..... this is my Email Address [email protected] so that you can send me... thanks !!!  God bless you Always
By the way sir i need some source code in vb 6.0 because my problem is some textbox are assignby text or character and some textbox assign number... if i enter number the textbox cannot accept text or character then i also enter text or character the textbox cannot accept number then i want msgbox to determine the following.....

Hello sir, 
I am a new member here, and i am also a programmer... And i need to have a guide in making an Enrollment SYSTEM and i find your system very helpful.. can you give me a MS SQL database version of Enrollment System using 2008, also with the inventory system... hehehe.. anyway i will also share my system...
my email:
[email protected] or [email protected]


Actually I am using 2008 for my enrollment system. If you'd like to use sql server 2005 then just upgrade the database.
For the Inventory System I'm still waiting for somebody to donate for this project.

Hi, dear Admin

My name's Bernard, i'm from Jakarta, Indonesia.

How are you Sir ? Hope you're in good shape.

I've had download n try 'Hotel Reservation','Payroll' and 'Service'. Its good for me to learn VB. Net. All above use Access database, i was wondering to use MS SQL for it. I'm planning to use MS SQL 2000. What should i do to change the connection string, is it difficult or maybe some can help me to do it ?




Just change a few connection string. Download Enrollment System and copy the connection string that I am using there.

I am using MS SQL 2000 in that program.

i need a free  download of visual studio 2008 please send for me if some body have

You can download a trial version from microsoft's website. Here's the link:

Please provide me with 2003 version at : [email protected]


Thanks a lot,


Check you mail.

Can I have the VB 2005 version of this project please?

Thank you


Kindly sign up for an account here and I will send the 2005 version to your email account.

Do not post your email address here to avoid spam.

Thank you

Can you please give the sample for 2003 also, cause i dont have vb 2008 version..


Can you give another email address not from gmail? They rejected my attachment.


Thank you for your interest in using my source code. I have emailed to you the lower version of this program.

I want to know how to Run this Project


You need Visual Basic .NET 2008 in order to run this program. I have a lower version for this from 2003 to 2005. But I will give it only to those who are interested.

You can download an evaluation version of VB .NET 2008 from Microsoft website

Hi there i am current learning and would be interested to have a version of the Visual Studio 2005 Version of this software. Can you please send it to me at [email protected]?

Okay. Please wait for it.

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