Save Information Using (ADO.NET OledbConnection(Object Oriented Programming))

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This Code is More advance than my previous upload.
This is an Object Oriented Dot net Code
I made this code not to say that I' am Good.
I just want to share with you guys what i've learn
I saw many sample codes in dot net that still using
VB 6 code.I'm not telling that it's not OK or what but
when you enter .net framework world
you should learn it because it will gives you more relaxing code!
Hope you learn more with my Sample..Enjoy ^_^
God Bless!
Love your Work! ^_^

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HOLLA tnx for this you are very good person keep that attitude!

hi there :)

i'd already add u in YM..

can you help me in vb 6.0

i need codes for saving a record into a folder, adding new user and add new record..

can you give me codes for this...??

pls. give me the complete infos.. tnx..

I get a Errot nsertToDatabase

mAGka-iba b ung vb6 and .net? panu?
meron kb installer if ever?
i want to learn .net
e-mail me @ [email protected]

thnx in advance.


Need Help????

[email protected]

FB Account

FB Page

thanks...big help to kc nag aadvance study ako e..

I need u for help me when i don't understand something in do i can?

hi everyone ...

My beloved Instructor just resigned in our school due to some complicated reason..
and im taking up 2008 in his subject.
Ive just downloaded in this site..Just find it useful but

the problem here is i still dont know this part of a program


can anybody help me... ?

thanks for the upload sir..

helped in me many ways in finishing my project...

more power and God bless!!!

Thank you for Downloading my Project and it's nice to hear that it helps you a lot
God Bless!
Love your Work ^_^

please tell me how to insert date into with sqlserver

for example your using datetimepicker and name it on the properties dtPicker
and in your SQL database you named your datetime as DATEJOINED
here's the syntax:

Insert into (tablename) where DATEJOINED =' " & dtPicker.value &" '
this is a simplest way to insert date in sql

Thank you God Bless!
Love your Work ^_^

what software(VB 6.0?) you use when u create this program?thanks

Nope Visual Studio 2008 you can download the trial version at microsoft

what installer if i will use



If you don't have you can use vb 2008 version. vb 2008 includes .net platforms

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

Im interested in working with you on a small project to code a small application.If you are interested drop me an email at [email protected]

Not now sir im busy with my thesis for my finals. I'll contact you after I graduated. Thank you by the way

Cidfrey here

Kindly Pls. Leave any Short Comment
Pretty much appriciated ^_^ Tnx!
God Bless!
Love your Work ^_^

Please Also Vote ^_^


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