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In my previous tutorial I discussed on how to create a sub report and pass a parameter value in ReportViewer.

Sub report is useful if you can’t group data to display the related record. This is true with Order-Details report. However, sub reports in RDLC seems too slow when rendering a report. As much as possible, try to avoid using sub report if it can be done using Groupings.

In this VB.NET 2010 project, you’ll see how easy it is to create Groupings to get the same output as my previous tutorial.

All you need in an RDLC report is to create a group, for example an OrderID field. It’s better to create a group using a Key or Primary Key. This is due to the fact that sometimes a “Name” field for example could create duplicate entry but actually two different instances.

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Thanks for this source code. I have problem about grouping with Reportviewer and can't find a solution. Many thanks again

Thank you for share


Thanks for the code.

Thank you for sharing

Hi, thanks for sharing, I have a question though, what if the Mozzarella Di Giovanni comes from different vendors, and every vendor has a price and we need to display this info the same way as a third level deeper. How could we do the grouping to handle this so the report would look like this:

10248 Wilman Kala
Qty---Vendor----Product Name--------------Unit Price-------Total
--2---Vendor1---Mozzarella Di Giovanni----30---------------60
--3---Vendor2---Mozzarella Di Giovanni----40---------------120

Thanks sir For Sharing

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