Sales and Inventory System

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This system will help specially for those beginners..
The system is fully working.

Features :
Can add/update items.
Can add/update staff/user.
Can add/update customer.
Can add stocks.
Can view critical level items.
Point of Sale.
Can generate reports for inventory.
Automatically print receipt.

MS Access 2007

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when i print the report from stock in and stock out, if the data more than 2 page, the second can't show, any solution ?

thanks guys
please friends if you have sales inventory project of vb so please send me on this E-mail [email protected]


Please Provide Data Base Password

hi,hnd kasi ako makapaglogin eh, prompt nia is microsoft.jet.odble is not connected

Hello, can you please goive me the ER Diagram of this database which is used for Sales and Inventory System.

very good software for the beginers

awesome! tnx for this... pwede na rin maka pag study sa mga syntax nito... sana meron din video kung magcreate para sna from top-bottom alam din yung process like intersting etc... but tnx a lot

Sir I cant Log in why

dear mate please could you explain why the login role is not working
if for example if i login as a staff is look like admin login
even if i login as a staff user ii can delete admin or manger an account , is look like something wrong could you fix it
thank you .

sir where is your ms access database?

where is username and password

Username :admin
Password :admin

sir how to change the user name and password ? cause ive been looking at your system but i cant find where to change the user name and password. please help me thanks

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