Login Form (WPF) with MySQL

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This Login form is made in visual studio 2010, i use WPF Application..

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How do you make the form like that? All I can do is a square. I want to know how you customized the form look.

thanks & regards : dHROOb


its wpf. i use microsoft blend for this.

please show the objects on the wpf form

i cant seem to find any login application can you help

can i ask?

sure.. here at my facebook page


,,What is the codes on how to compute the Prelim grades midterm and final ,,and it wll be show in Total Average of the grades and to know it if it is a failed or Passed.???plx can u hElp me??tnx

ask first the computation of your university/college..

make a software that similar to this http://www.visual-basic-tutorials.com/form/AutoCalc.htm

what if we will change this data into OLEDB?
like Dim data As OLEDBDAtareader?

i have no idea, but i think OLEDBdatareader will work..

Good day! can i ask how to change the codes of this login form from mysql into visual basic.net? what can i do to this codes like this?
(Dim sqlquery As String = "SELECT * From password WHERE username ='" & txtUsername.Text & "';")

Second question is that can you elaborate to me the purpose of the design interface? because i am confusing after successfully log in, whats next?? :)) thanks

thats the codes in visual basic.net "Dim sqlquery As String = "SELECT * From password WHERE username ='" & txtUsername.Text & "';")" this is sql command that gets the password from database. it just a LOGIN FORM not a whole system, im just sharing my knowledge about login form with mysql.

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