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Creating a Login Remember Me Feature in PHP Tutorial


In this tutorial, you will learn how to Create a Login Form Remember Me Feature using PHP Language. The tutorial aims to provide the students and new programmers a reference to learn with and enhance their programming capabilities using the PHP Language. To achieve this kind of feature we will be using the HTTP Cookies. Here, snippets and sample source code are provided for a better understanding about the process.

Creating a Simple Login Form with User Levels in PHP/MySQLi Tutorial

Hello guys, I have here an example of a login form with different user levels using PHP/MySQLi. This is easy and simple. To learn how to create a simple Login Form with user levels, please continue reading and I will show you how. Getting Started First, you have setup the following into your local machine: Download and Install the latest XAMPP Download Bootstrap Download jQuery Download and

Login using MD5 in PHP

We are going to create Login using MD5 in PHP. This source code will help you on how to create a simple login form with MD5 Encryption. It has input validation does not allow the user to enter in the home page if the form field was empty and password is being encrypted using the MD5. We have sample source code for the form field below. Take a look and kindly study the code.

How To Create Login Form Using JavaScript - Part II

Related source code: How To Create Login Form Using JavaScript This is an alteration of the last tutorial in the title of How To Create Login Form Using JavaScript that the users will proceed to the next URL if they type their username and password precisely. The changes of this tutorial, the users has given a chance to type their username and password precisely.

How To Create Login Form Using JavaScript

In this tutorial, we are going to learn on How To Create Login Form Using JavaScript. This is simple Login Page using a simple script. The Username is username and the Password is password. But you can change this after you download the source code below, and go to the script to make it change. Then, create a target page. This is the Login Page:

Advance Login Form V2.0

This Project will guide you how to make advance login form for your own Project Main Features are : 1. Login from Database, Only registered users can login 2. Change Password Form 3. Password Recovery Form Login Details : Username - admin Password - 12345 For students or anyone else who needs program or source code for thesis writing or any Professional Software Development,Website Development