Suppress Row if Value is Zero (0) using RDLC Report

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Do have a report and want to hide some rows based on the value of a certain column in your RDLC report? This can be done easily using the Row Visibility of your Tablix control.

Take note that you can suppress row based on any value that you want. For the sake of this tutorial we will assume that the value of the column is zero and you want to suppress the whole row.

Follow the steps below to suppress the row.

Open your RDLC report.

Right click on the row and click Row Visibility

Select Show or hide based on an expression.

Click fx button.

Type the express on the text box labeled "Set expression: Hidden".

Note: Just change the field name based on your report.

Then click OK.



Thanks you so much

Thank you for this, it help me a lot :)

thank you so much it worked :)

Well..Thanks for sharing this concept with the above screenshots..But I can't get the output

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