Auto Suggest Dynamic Input Tag

In this tutorial we will show you a Auto Suggest Dynamic Input Tag in jQuery. Most of the social media's has a input tag's fields that are commonly used. This project has a autocomplete suggestions generated from the list of JSON queries and jQuery plugins. The system works with a predefined tags in the plugin to work. And for the tags to be work the database from the AJAX will pull and the results to display in the input tags form. This project is a great method for the developers to get in more to the inputs by using predefined tags.

Sample Code

Index.html - This script is for the html forms to display and insert the tags in the page. Auto Suggest Dynamic Input Tag

Auto Suggest Dynamic Input Tag

Search and Start Tagging Your Favorite RPG's Games

And for the Database using the JSON script to response. Hope that you learn from this tutorial and don't forget to Like & Share this project and the website. Enjoy Coding...!

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