Introducing to Swing GUI Forms with Netbeans - Create new MDI Application Sample Form

Hi everyone, In this tutorial, I explain to you on how to work with GUI Forms Java Desktop and configure Menu Bar and events that we can show a new windows and applets. We will work with Netbeans and create a sample MDI Application Form STEP 1. We will create our project. File-> New Project. Select Java in Categories List and Java Applications in Projects List. New Project JavaInput Project NameProject createdSTEP 2. Select new MDI Application Sample Form. Over the Folder that we will work, select New and Other (Usually MDI Application is not showing in first instance) New MDI Application Sample Form Select Swing GUI Forms Categories and MDI Application Sample Form File types. Select MDI Application Sample FormInput Class Name This is the first view after that create MDI Application Sample Form. We can see the menu bar and the black background. This black background will be the place where we put new Frames and Windows that interact our application. First view after load new ClassMain elements of MDI App For our second tutorial we will see how to create a new Frames and Windows inside our MDI Application.


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