Overlay Preloader over Div using CSS

If you are looking for Overlay Preloader over Div using CSS then you are at the right place. This simple web project, preloader image on Div Element commonly used when the link is clicked by the user it loads before displayed to the next content. The next content takes some time and the user will wait for the next content that they click. If you have this kind of function in your web project, displaying a loading image over your content, then you can help to those users to understand what is the data loading process.

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Creating Markup

  1. <div class="body_content">
  2. <div class="top_loader">
  3. <div class="loader_rotation">
  4. <img src="load1.gif" style="width:100px; height:100px;" alt="Loading..."/>
  5. </div>
  6. </div>
  7. <div><a href="javascript:void(0);"><h2>CSS Animation Play State</h2></a></div>
  8. <div><a href="javascript:void(0);"><h2>Hospital Record Management System</h2></a></div>
  9. <div><a href="javascript:void(0);"><h2>Responsive CSS Carousel</h2></a></div>
  10. <div><a href="javascript:void(0);"><h2>Contact Form in HTML, CSS, and PHP</h2></a></div>
  11. <div><a href="javascript:void(0);"><h2>Document Management System</h2></a></div>
  12. <div><a href="javascript:void(0);"><h2>CRUD and Login Registration in Codeigniter Using </h2></a></div>
  13. <div><a href="javascript:void(0);"><h2>Search Address Autocomplete with Link to a Map</h2></a></div>
  14. <div><a href="javascript:void(0);"><h2>Instagram Status Post</h2></a></div>
  15. </div>

This is our Preloader Image


CSS Style

This simple loader image over the content div, you can use it wherever you want to overlay to have a preloading before to the next content.
  1. .body_content {
  2. position: relative;
  3. width:52%;
  4. margin:auto;
  5. }
  7. .top_loader {
  8. position: absolute;
  9. left: 0;
  10. top: 0;
  11. right: 0;
  12. bottom: 0;
  13. z-index: 2;
  14. background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.8);
  15. }
  17. .loader_rotation {
  18. position: absolute;
  19. transform: translateY(-50%);
  20. -webkit-transform: translateY(-50%);
  21. -ms-transform: translateY(-50%);
  22. top: 50%;
  23. left: 0;
  24. right: 0;
  25. text-align: center;
  26. color: #555;
  27. }
  29. a {
  30. text-decoration:none;
  31. }

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