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JavaScript Tutorial

How To Make Simple Select All In Check Box Using JavaScript

Good Day!!! In this tutorial, we are going to make a Simple Select All In Check Box Using JavaScript. This is simple coding to have this project. And, this is a toggle function. Directions: For JavaScript Code: function toggle(source) { checkboxes = document.getElementsByName('check_all'); for(var i in checkboxes) checkboxes[i].checked = source.checked; } For HTML Code: COURSE Select All BSIS BSCE

Scroller In TextBox Using HTML JavaScript

Good Day!!! Today, we are going to learn Scroller In TextBox. This project that scrolls itself in a text box. You can use this project in your certain site to catch the attention of your users. This will serve as an alert message or an announcement for your users to easily notice the message. Example: .style_text { cursor: no-drop; border: 3px solid #7A81DE; } /* Text box marquee, You can used

Falling Text Effect Using HTML JavaScript

Good Day!!! Today, we are going to learn about falling text effect, using HTML JavaScript. This script adds a simple twist to your regular text on your page. It will randomly falling or dropping the content text individually before the next text. You can use it in your site for it to have a simple headlines falling text effect. In this work of script, every content is wrapped in a LI element of

Responsive Side Bar Menu Using HTML JavaScript

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about simple responsive side bar menu using HTML JavaScript. This side bar is applicable to any gadgets. You can use it in your certain site. It can cover up an unending number of sub menus, thus , gives infinite contents. This responsive menu can also be used with mobile devices of smaller screens for all the sub menus can just be stacked in the main menu

How To Make Flip Menu Using HTML JavaScript

Flip Menu Sidebar creates a menu out of an ordinary HTML using list types. It has a one external .js file inside, the images used instead the default list bullets. And, if it has previously open file or a folder, it should be closed when the current file or folder is open. You can add more link in the Flip Menu as many as you wish. And, you can edit the style, or you can put some animation using

Personal Count Total Visited Using HTML JavaScript

Personal Count Total Visited tallies and displays the number of visitors by the current page. It will use cookies to accomplish this task. The number of visitors in your site will be counted automatically through this script. You will know the number of people who visits your site. Example: Count Total Visited expireDate = new Date expireDate.setMonth(expireDate.getMonth()+6) count_num = eval

How to Make Text Resizer Using HTML JavaScript

Users of a particular web page are sometimes bothered with the font size especially when they have problems with eyesight. Yet, this problems can be solved through this Text Resizer. Text Resizer enables your user to change the font size in your website. The script is easy and works in any web page. You just have to add to any page one of the CSS classes (on the element itself). This process

How to Make Hangman Game Using HTML JavaScript

A game is a good way to keep your visitors and yourself occupied in your site. This script is a reincarnation of the classic "Hang Man" game. You have to play against the computer. The vocabulary used in this game is configurable. This is a customized Hang Man game with images to display the wrong guesses. This is a cool and fun game to play. This is the game that the user/player will predict what

How To Make Bigger Image Viewer Using HTML JavaScript

Have you encountered images that are so small or blur? These images need to be resized or zoomed in. There is a way to see this kind of images clearly. It is called "Bigger Image Viewer". In this tutorial, we are going to learn How To Make Bigger Image Viewer. So, what is it all about? From the name itself, Bigger Image Viewer automatically adds a caption beneath the images of your choice that

How To Make Word Count Using HTML JavaScript

Through this script ,words in paragraphs ,data ,and even whole articles will be counted automatically. How many times did you launch an entire word processor just to find out the number of words of a certain paragraph contains? If you have a site that contains forms, you could also include this script on the page to spare your visitors they had to go through in counting the number of words. You no