C/C++ Tutorial

Quick Prime Number Test - Method: Basic

With prime numbers, we always get a headache. We will see 2 tutorials about quick prime number testing, this one at a basic level, the next one at an advanced level. The idea of our test is the following: We create an array of bool values, to represent numbers like this: 0 - FALSE 1 - FALSE 2 - TRUE 3 - TRUE 4 - FALSE 5 - TRUE 6 - FALSE 7 - TRUE 8 - FALSE 9 - FALSE 10 - FALSE 11 - TRUE And so forth! Where we have TRUE, it is a prime number, where we have FALSE, it is not a prime number.

Very Simple and Efficient Student Database

The next project will demonstrate advantages of C++, such as: - using typedef - using the #define directive - using simple, short source code to handle apparently large tasks - easy to read code, if you develop your simple programming style The task we are going to accomplish is a simple and efficient student database. Although we have put some amounts (limitations), these can be changed very easily! Furthermore, for the simplicity of the tutorial we only used cin to read data.