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Visual Basic. Net

Marvelous Makeovers Beauty Salon System using VB.NET with Free Source Code

This is a simple Transaction Management System for a Salon. This simple project is entitled Marvelous Makeovers Beauty Salon System that was develop using VB.NET. The program manages the payment/billing transaction of a certain Salon. The transaction can be done by selecting the client's desired Haircut, Package, Outfit Style, Makeup, Clothing, and additionals. This system does not have any

Simple Grading System using Visual Basic.Net with Source Code

This application was created using Visual basic.Net and the database support of this system is created in Microsoft Access 2007. The main purpose of this system is to create and save new data of student, Grades of the specific term of the school year. This application source code can help you to learn how to create VB.NET and MS Access database integration project. The source code has 4 main

Remote Shutdown (Network)

Due to laziness (LOL :D), I decided to create a software, that can shutdown, restart and log-off PC inside my network. Groupbox items are the computernames/IP address. The tiring part of this is you need to set the Force Shutdown to Everyone, every computer that you want to remote. How? Run->type secpol.msc ->Local Policies->User Rights Assignment-> Force Shutdown from a remote system. and click