textbox control

TextBox Control

One of the most common control used in visual basic is a text box. The main purpose of textbox is that, it allows user to input text information to be used by the program. By default, text box takes a single line of text. But using visual basic, you can set the property to accept a multiple line of text and even with a scroll bar. This time, open visual basic and create a new project called “Textbox”. Then drag a six text box and six label from the toolbox.

TextBox Control Using Datasets and Data Adapters

This tutorial is part of Database Programming Made Easy Series.

TextBox Control Using Datasets and Data Adapters

In this tutorial you'll learn how to retrieve and save data back to the database using Datasets and Data Adapters.

Microsoft Access database and Microsoft SQL Server sample is provided.

How to Retrieve and Save Data using TextBox Control

This tutorial is part of Database Programming Made Easy Series.

In this tutorial you will learn in different ways on how to retrieve and save data using textbox control.

First we retrieve the data using Data Readers and save it back using ExecuteNonQuery.

Second we will use Dataset and Data Adapter. The same output but with different approach.