Task Management System in PHP

Task Reminder System in PHP and MySQL Source Code Free Download

This project is entitled Task Reminder System. It is a web-based application that provides certain company employees with a platform for reminding their daily tasks. This project was mainly developed using PHP Language and MySQL Database. It has a pleasant user interface with the help of Bootstrap Framework and AdminLTE Template. It consists of multiple user-friendly features and functionalities

Employee Task Management System in PHP/PDO Free Source Code

Introduction This simple project is a Task Management System. This is a web-based application project developed in PHP and MySQL Database. This project is an automated and online Task Management for a Company and for its Employees. The application helps the company to easily manage and distribute or assign tasks to each employee. This application also includes a simple employee attendance

Task Management System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

Project: Task Management System using PHP/MySQLi About The Project The Task Management System is a simple project that can help a certain company manage its project task progress. The system has 3 types of system users which are the Admin, Project Manager, and the Regular Employee. The Admin user is those users that has an access to all of the data stored in the database of the system especially