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How to Create a Splash Screen in Java

This is a tutorial in which we will going to create a program that will have a Splash Screen in Java. So, now let's start this tutorial! 1. Open JCreator or NetBeans and make a java program with a file name of splashScreen.java. 2. Import the following packages: import java.awt.*; //used to access the Color, Dimension, and Toolkit class import javax.swing.*; //use the JWindow and JLabel class 3

Splash Screen Pro

This project explain how to use splash screen to get professional work. A Splash Screen is a customizable screen that will appear for a few seconds as your application loads up. but in this project the time for splash screen will be customizable. It is a very professional feature to have in your application. MS visual studio 2012 used.

Client-Server App with Flash and PDF Reporting

This is CLSU Entrance Examination , a client-server application that I developed last 2006 for a client in AMA and won the thesis of the year. This App compose of two program ,one is the SERVER and the other one is the CLIENT . Both program uses a winsock control in order to connect via IP ,Maximum of 8 client pc connected to a server pc.. Uses a Flash Active x control and a Usercontrol (LVButtons

How to Create a Splash Screen in VB.NET

In Visual Basic 6.0, you need to insert a code in your startup object in order to run your splash screen or make your splash screen form as the startup object. In VB.NET, there is an option in the My Project Properties to specify the startup object and the splash screen. You can also insert a code to delay the splash screen.

First you need to add a splash screen to your project.



After that, open the project properties.