Web Text-to-Speech Tutorial using Web Speech API Synthesis

This is a simple tutorial that will teach how to convert Text into Speech in web applications. In order to do this, we are going to use the Web Speech API Interface Speech Synthesis. The Web Speech API will allow you to convert the text into incorporate voice data into web projects.

In this tutorial, I will be providing a simple web application that allows users to write a text message and converts it into speech. The application will re-display the text message below the form. Each word spoken will be highlighted.

Cashier Queuing System with Live Monitor and Voice Notification in PHP and SQLite Free Source Code

This is a Cashier Queuing System with a Live Monitor and Voice Notification. This web-application project manage the flow of the business cashier's clients queue. This can help to ease the queuing process of the said business operation. This project has 4 modules which are the Admin, Cashier, Customer/Client, and Live Monitor for Queued Clients or Customer. The project has a simple a small scope