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How to Create a Price Range Slider Filter Using PHP and Ajax

Learn on how to create a Price Range Slider Using Ajax. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed primarily for web development. Using Ajax, data could then be passed between the browser and the server, using the XMLHttpRequest API, without having to reload the web page. It is designed to simplify the traditional way of coding in javascript.

Python: Variable Strength Password Generator

Scope of this Tutorial:

This generator uses Tkinter to create a GUI wrapper around the password generator functions/methods. It uses a visual color-coded system to indicate how strong the password is, and a slider to select how long the desired password will be. The code automatically places the generated password onto the system clipboard. This python code has also been optimized to work in both Python 2.xx and Python3.xx. The attached files are well commented.

How To Create Menu Slider

In this tutorial, we are going to learn on How To Create Menu Slider. This script is used to change the menu when your cursor will hover to the link menu list. It will show the menu list and its corresponding image screen shot immediately. In this code below, we used jQuery script function to have this effect. And, the image screen shot has corresponding links.


This is the HTML code where the menu list and the link image screen shot found and you can edit after you download the source code.

JSlider Component in Java

This is a tutorial in which we will going to create a program that has the JSlider Component using Java. The JSlider is used to let the user easily enter or slide a numeric value bounded by a minimum and maximum value. So, now let's start this tutorial! 1. Open JCreator or NetBeans and make a java program with a file name of 2.