10 Keys to HiBob’s Gold-Standard Cybersecurity for HR Data

Protecting sensitive data is no simple task these days. With threats growing more sophisticated and aggressive by the day, companies that handle personal information have quite the challenge securing their systems. For HiBob, an HR platform depended on by thousands of organizations globally, defense against the dark cyber arts is paramount. After all, employee data lives at the very core of HiBob

The UK's Highest-Earning Developer Roles, According to Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow, a popular website where programmers ask and answer questions, has unveiled a list of highest-paying jobs for developers in the United Kingdom. This list shows the kinds of developer jobs that earn the most money in the UK. It's like a ranking of the best-paying roles for people who write computer code. These roles typically require specialized skills and expertise, and companies

Cloud Computing, Creating New Opportunities for Software Developers

Cloud computing is a technology that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to easily manage computing software resources via the internet, rather than relying on on-premises or local software installed and run on specific computers. The simplest way to describe this is that cloud computing is a method of accessing services such as storage, databases, networking, software, and analytics

How to Become a Web Developer?

In today's digital age, programming is the most valuable skillset that everyone can offer. Web development is one of the most in-demand jobs in the field of programming. You may even have the option to work as a freelancer and take on various projects, giving you flexibility and the potential for higher income. Almost every business, organization, and even individuals use websites to showcase

Company Crime Tracking System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

This is PHP Project entitle Company Crime Tracking System. This project was developed using PHP and MySQL databases. This system tracks or manages the company's security issues. With the help of this project, the company security department record and tracks the issues that happened in the company. Along with the issue details, the system also allows the user to encode/store the issue severity

Encryption Software

An encryption software to convert text into an understandable format as in relation to human language though it doesn't support punctuation marks. Contact for the version currently in production for it allows the creation of custom encryption algorithms. By Nyashadzashe Makhomeya WhatsApp: +263718781524 : +263783376165 email:

Buffer Overflow Attack Protection in C# .NET


This tutorial is on how to secure your application in C# from Buffer Overflow Attacks.

What's a Buffer Overflow Attack? (BTA)

A buffer overflow attack is when the user purposefully enters too much data in such a way that the program will spill the data across different memory locations which will cause unexpected behaviour such as opening another vulnerability for the attack to exploit. This works through the use of user input.

PHP Security (Form, Password Encryption, Fake Options)

Introduction: This tutorial will cover adding security in to your forms with PHP/HTML. Pre-creation: I am going to be using my login form as an example for this page, you can find my tutorial on a login form here; Login Form Tutorial. What security flaws are there? Whenever a user enters data in to your web forms the data gets processed as it is, and as such, needs the creator to add in security checks.