Records Management System

Hospital's Patient Records Management System in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a Simple PHP Project entitled Hospital's Patient Records Management System. It is a web-based application that provides an automated platform for a hospital to store and manage its patient records. Here, the management can record the patient's diagnostic/treatment and admission records. The data are stored using MySQL Database. It has a simple and pleasant user interface using

PHP Projects Ideas and Source Codes for Beginners Free Download

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely-used open source Programming/Scripting Language that is commonly used in web development. It is mainly focused on server-side scripting. PHP can collect data, manage files on the server, generate dynamic page content, manage data in your database, and more. For those who are new to PHP Language and interested to learn the said programming language, I have

Garbage Collection Management System In Free Source Code Using PHP/MySQL

Garbage Collection Management System This is a PHP Project entitled Garbage Collection Management System. This system manages the records and client payment of a Garbage Collector Company/Business. The system has 2 types of users which are the Administrator and the Collector. The system can help a certain company or business to manage garbage collection in smart cities. This project generates also

Record Management System in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction of Record Management System This is a PHP Project entitle Personnel Record Management System. This web application/system manages, stores, and retrieves the records of personnel. This project was built for DepEd Silay which means the data or personnel in this system related to the said local government branch. About the Project This Record Management System was developed using PHP

Students Online Internship Timesheet System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

Project: Students Online Internship Timesheet System using PHP/MySQLi About The Students Online Internship Timesheet System is a simple PHP/MySQLi project that manages the college students' attendance who will undergo their internship or On the Job Training (OJT). The system has a timer feature that counts the intern student rendered time or duration on the specific company. This system stores the

Records Management System

This Record Management System is designed to manage and provide a convenient arrangement of records, especially those archiving documents inside the Records Office. The Record Section is the communication center where the users stores active and inactive files, record issuance, implementing the policies and procedures of the record management, formulate the policy statement and information