Record Management System

Online Travel Agency System Using PHP with Source Code

This is a PHP Project entitled Online Travel Agency System. This system helps the Travel Agency Companies to manage their records, customer transactions, and etc. The system program stores the list that is relevant to a travel agency's records such as the Customers, Vouchers, Payments, and more. This system has 2 sides of the user interface which are the Public Website and the Admin Panel. The

Responsive E-Learning System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

About In this E-Learning system, you will able to add students in a class, upload files, add Courses, Departments, Subject. It has also a form validator and a Responsive Design compatible with your Mobile Phone and Tablet. It has a very good graphical user interface for you to interact well. The E-Learning system has 3 types of users which are the Admin, Teacher/Faculty, and the Student. The Admin

Record Management System Using PHP/MySQL with PDO Query

This system will allow you to record the transaction that comes in and out of the Record Office. I developed this using PHP/MySQL with PDO support. The features of this system are login form, transaction form. It has the basic features of a database system like add, edit, update, and delete. It also has a masterfile for document type and offices. The masterfile is then used in the transaction form