qr code generator

QR (Quick Response) Code Generator using VB.NET with Source Code

This QR (Quick Response) CODE Generator is a simple program that generates text into QR code using messaging toolkit QR code and developed using VB.NET. It also allows the QR code to be exported as an image and automatically saved into your Documents folder with the file name as equivalent in the textbox. The QR Code can be useful in some Software depending on what logic you will use. For Example

Simple Quick Response (QR) Code Generator Web App Using PHP QR CODE Library With Source Code

This is a simple project that has a Quick Response Code Generator in PHP with the use of PHP QR Code Library. This project's purpose is to share this with the IT/CS students or self-learners to give an idea of how to create a web app that generates a QR Code. The source code has only a minimum scope which only has a simple form that has 3 text/input fields. The fields are the email, subject, and