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Centralized Covid Vaccination Records System in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a Centralize Covid Vaccination Record System in PHP and MySQL Database. This is a simple web application that is a kind of records and tracking management system. The application stores the covid vaccination details or records of each individual. This can help to easily retrieve the individuals' covid vaccination records. It generates printable details and records of each

Online Mobile Store Management System using PHP Free Source Code

This is an Online Mobile Store Management System Project in PHP. This project is a sort of eCommerce website or an online shop/store. The application gives an online platform for the mobile store's clients or possible clients to explore, browse, and order their desired product. The project has an online payment feature using PayPal API. This system has lots of features and functionalities which

Inline Table Row Insert, Update, and Delete using PHP and jQuery Tutorial

In this tutorial, you wil learn how to create an Inline Table Row Insert, Update, and Delete using PHP/OOP, MySQL Database,and JavaScript (jQuery adn Ajax). Our main goal for this tutorial is to display data from database to HTML table that can add, editm remove table row dynamically. The table cells in the table will be editable if the user add or edit a row. The source code must have a field validator for required fields and field text types.

Online Leave Management System in PHP Free Source Code

I have created a PHP Project entitled Online Employee Leave Management System. This PHP Project provides the company's management and employees an online platform to manage the leave applications. The application is mobile-responsive which is helpful nowadays because most of the employees owning a personal mobile smartphone. Using this system, the employees can easily apply for leave even they are

Online Traffic Offense Management System in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction I have created a PHP Project entitled Online Traffic Offense Management System. The project is a web-based application that manages the driver's traffic violations or offenses records. The system can help the land transport management/department to have an online platform for managing the said record. This can help also for fast and easy retrieval of information and records of each

OOP CRUD MVC Web App With PDO Using Core PHP

This is a simple PHP web application developed using OOP Pattern, PDO, and Core PHP. This project will help you learn how to develop a web application with MVC (Model-View-Controller). For those who are not familiar in MVC, the MVC (Model-View-Controller) is an application/software design pattern comprised of three interconnected parts which are the model, view, and controller. Talking about the

Invoice System using PHP/OOP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP project that I'd developed called Invoice System. This is a simple OOP PHP project that can help some companies to manage their invoices. The system handles invoices for both selling products and services. This system can help other programmers especially those who are new to PHP language to learn some techniques and understand how to build an Invoice System in the said

Inline Shopping Cart System In PHP and MySQL Database Tutorial

A shopping cart is an imperative piece of each eCommerce venture. It causes the client to choose various things to buy and view add up to cost before presenting the request. On the off chance that you need to assemble a basic PHP shopping basket without any preparation, this well-ordered instructional exercise will help you a ton. In this instructional exercise, we'll give the entire guide and

Online Boat Reservation System using PHP with Source Code

This is an Online Boat Reservation System for Renting a Motorboat. The system provides the motorboat's rental business clients an online platform where they can reserve their boats they wanted on their desired dates. The system has an Admin Panel in which the admin user or the management manages the list of boats for rentals and the reservation of their clients. The system has a pleasant user

Simple Friend System Using PHP with Source Code

Simple Friend System with Source is a PHP project that can let you send a friend request to other users. The program was created using PHP OOP, MySQLi, and Javascript. The program is very straightforward, the user can access the system when he/she signup an account. The user can search and send a random user to the home page. After sending a request the receiving user can decide whether to accept