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How to Pass Optional Paramater to a Function in PHP

This tutorial tackles on how to pass optional parameter to a function in PHP. When we create a function and set a parameter to pass to this function, the function expects the parameter to be passed and will throw an error if none given. For instance that you wanted to pass an optional parameter to a function, hope you'll find this tutorial helpful.

Object Oriented Programming (Code)

Introduction: Hello and welcome to a tutorial on Object Oriented Programming, with code examples as opposed to theory. Ready the theory page Before starting this page make sure you have read and understand the theory page which can be found here. Instances The use of OOP is to have multiple instances of one class running at the same time, each with it's own variables and methods.

Object Oriented Programming (Theory)

Introduction: Welcome! This page will be explaining Object Oriented Programming with examples. The examples are theory only but a code example will be released soon (if not already). What is Object Oriented Programming? Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is commonly used in programs which require doing the same things over and over again. Much like a function or method can be ran multiple times, OOP classes can be ran multiple times, simultaneously. When is OOP used? OOP is used in games and some other software.

How to Use OOP (Object Oriented Programming) In Java

Introduction: Welcome to my tutorial on how to use OOP (Object Oriented Programming), I am using Java to do this however, the principle applies for OOP in general. Steps of Creation: Step 1: First I have created a simple project in Java IDE called Eclipse. I have two classes, one called Main to host the form/frame/window of the application and handle the output, and a Game class which is going to