Ezee Microfinance System using VB.NET and MS SQL with Source Code

This is a VB.NET and MS SQL Project called Ezee Microfinance System . This project manages the microfinance business records including the list of clients, clients loans , and many more . The system stores the loans and automatically calculates the monthly payment due amount of the client. This project also records the payment , deposit , and withdrawal transactions of the company clients. The

3 SQL Version of NorthWind Database

A great way to learn database programming is to have a good sample database with lots of tables and appropriate relationships between them to work with. Queries can then be composed from within a variety of programming platforms, such as Java, PHP, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.Net, Visual C#, etc. NorthWind is a free sample database that Microsoft included with every version of Access going all

Enrollment System using C# + MSSQL

This is a project of my younger brother entitled Enrollment and Scheduling System for Christian Kiddie Star Academy which is a Kindergarten School programmed using C# language and SQL Server 2008. This project is a mini-thesis of my brother in their Software Engineering subject. The system has the following features: - Enrollment - Billing - Scheduling - Statement of Accounts - Student Information

Client-Server Based Payroll System using VB.NET Console/MSSQL

This is a Payroll System that is created using VB.NET Console as frontend and MSSQL Server 2000 as backend. This is a client-server based payroll System. Server Features: Login with only 3 attempts Working Days Employee Information Generate Employee Username and Password Employee Date/Time Record Deductions Leave Permission Leave Absences Payroll Generate Payslip User Accounts Client Features