Ezee Microfinance System using VB.NET and MS SQL with Source Code

This is a VB.NET and MS SQL Project called Ezee Microfinance System. This project manages the microfinance business records including the list of clients, clients loans, and many more. The system stores the loans and automatically calculates the monthly payment due amount of the client. This project also records the payment, deposit, and withdrawal transactions of the company clients. The system

3 SQL Version of NorthWind Database

A great way to learn database programming is to have a good sample database with lots of tables and appropriate relationships between them to work with. Queries can then be composed from within a variety of programming platforms, such as Java, PHP, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.Net, Visual C#, etc. NorthWind is a free sample database that Microsoft included with every version of Access going all

Enrollment System using C# + MSSQL

This is a project of my younger brother entitled Enrollment and Scheduling System for Christian Kiddie Star Academy which is a Kindergarten School programmed using C# language and SQL Server 2008. This project is a mini-thesis of my brother in their Software Engineering subject. The system has the following features: - Enrollment - Billing - Scheduling - Statement of Accounts - Student Information

Client-Server Based Payroll System using VB.NET Console/MSSQL

This is a Payroll System that is created using VB.NET Console as frontend and MSSQL Server 2000 as backend. This is a client-server based payroll System. Server Features: Login with only 3 attempts Working Days Employee Information Generate Employee Username and Password Employee Date/Time Record Deductions Leave Permission Leave Absences Payroll Generate Payslip User Accounts Client Features