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Inventory System in VB.Net

Inventory Management System Using VB.NET and MySQL Database with Source Code

Doing an inventory can be a tough job but here’s a software-based inventory system that will keep your inventory balanced. This inventory system lets you track and monitor easily the inventory and sales. Aside from that, this system also includes tasks such as stock-in, stock-out, and return for products. This uses a variety of information or data to keep track of the product as they move through

Bakeshop Inventory System in VB.Net and MS Access Database

Bakeshop Inventory System is a software based system especially designed for a Bakeshop business and for the inventory process. This system will be able to track the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly inventory of products. In this way, the staff can determine the stock in and outs of their products like the cakes, pastries and breads. This system can also generate printed reports of the inventory