#Inventory system

Simple POS and Inventory Management System in PHP with Source Code

This is a Simple POS and Inventory System using PHP/PDO. This project can help a certain shop or store manage its sales transactions and inventory monitoring. The system has 2 types of user which is the Admin and the Cashier. The Admin is in charge to populate the important data into the database such as the product list. The admin user has access to all features and functionalities of this system

Purchased Order Inventory System

The Purchased Order Inventory System (POIS) is a customize highly efficient, fully automated computer software system develop by Mr. Rod Daz (MIS Manager), Mr. Deanmark Lamzon (Software Engineer) & Mr. Aries Luciano (Hardware Engineer) under Corporate Holdings Management Inc. (CHMI) with the help of our boss Mr. Ronald F. Gonzales. The software is intended to create a new technique, efficient