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Font Size Adjustment using JavaScript in HTML

This simple project will show to the user how to increase and decrease the font size of text content in a one div class automatically using jQuery in HTML. Hope this tutorial will help you from your projects. Creating Markup Creating select element and the DIV tag where the text content located. Copy and paste this simple HTML source code to your BODY tag of your page. Adjust Font Size: 15 px 20

Read Text Files with Fonts in Android

This is a sample project in Android written in Basic4Android that reads any text files that has .txt file extension with fonts styles and font size included. This project will help you to read any files such as office word, excel, richtextformat, and many more. Install readtextfiles.apk in your android phone to run the app. For more inquiries and need programmer for your thesis systems in any kind

Book Application (PageTurnerView in Android)

It's me again! :) I have created another Android application entitled Book App using Basic4Android. This book application is not an ordinary application that will just put some text on it and read only in one form. This application features to have a PageTurnerView in Android, meaning it is just like a book that you scan through its pages. This app also may help you on how to customize font, color

Set Font and Color to Text of JTextArea Component in Java GUI

This is a continuation of my other tutorial entitled JTextArea Component in Java GUI. This tutorial will teach you how to set/select font and color for the JTextArea or JTextField component. 1. First and foremost, Open JCreator or NetBeans and make a java program with a file name of When you click the link above, copy first all the code there. import java.awt.*; import javax.swing

Text Effects in Visual Basic 2008 (Block)

This is the continuation of my last tutorial which is Text Effects in Visual Basic 2008. Now, I will teach you how to “Block” Effect on the text. With this, it will create the text with an embossed look. You can adjust the Depth and even the font size of the text. So let’s get started: Open Visual Basic 2008 and open the file which is the Effects in Visual Basic 2008. Then, add the Label and