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Simple File Manager Web App using PHP and MySQL Database Free Source Code

In this article, I will be sharing with you a simple Web Application called File Manager Web App. This mini-project was developed using PHP and MySQL Database. The application is able to store/Upload, retrieve, download, and delete files. In this project source code, you will learn how to manage file uploads using PHP Language. I am sharing this source code because I think this will be useful for

How to Download File using PHP/MySQLi

In my previous tutorial, I've created a Simple File Upload using PHP/MySQLi. As a follow-up, I've created another tutorial on how to create a Simple File Download. Most files can be easily download by clicking their link. However, some files cannot be downloaded by doing so. Thus, I've created this tutorial. This tutorial will not give you a good design, but will give you a good idea about the

Download file Code in C#

All the peoples in the world must have downloaded any file from the internet,so i thinks this project is very known to each people.In this script i have written a code that will automatically download all your files which you want to be download.You have to just configure Zip File Download Script in your code and you will see all automated work through this script. Peoples have become so much busy