Simple AutoComplete ComboBox in a DataGridView

Today I will show you how to create an AutoComplete ComboBox in the DataGridView, add the ComboBox on the DataGridView and add a list of items in the ComboBox programmatically. Let’s begin: Open the Visual Basic 2008, create a project and set your Form just like this. Main Form Then, double click the Form and create a code for adding and putting a list of items in the Co

Patient's Record using MS Access Database

This is a patient record with one to many relationship. It allows you to record the patient's history as a child form. It has some useful code that you can use in your own application. The database can be found under debug folder. If you have question, leave your comment below or add me in your facebook account. My username is "michaelangeloico". Thank you

Calculate column in DataGridView

In this simple source code you will learn on how to calculate the column (for example Amount column) in a DataGridView control. I have similar tutorial on this about “How to Calculate Two Columns in DataGridView“ but it lacks a grand total on the Amount column. Additionally the tutorial I have made before don’t have a sample source code so I decided to create one.

Display Record in DataGridView Based on ComboBox Selected Value

In this tutorial I will teach you on how to display related record based on the selection value from a ComboBox.

The example displays a student’s subject in a DataGridView after a SelectedIndexChanged event of a ComboBox.

This tutorial assumes that you already know how to add a DataSet in your project.

The following are important steps in order to understand how I made this simple program.

1. Bind a ComboBox

[inline:ComboBox_Data_Binding.jpg=Bind a ComboBox]

2. Add a query in the Course Table under DataSet designer

DataGridView Control with MySQL

I received a lot of email if I can make a tutorial on how to connect VB.NET with MySQL. So here it is. I am planning to continue this tutorial that is similar on my previous article on Database Programming Made Easy. The only difference with the previous one is that I will be using MySQL instead of MS Access and MS SQL Server. This tutorial will teach you how to connect Visual Basic .NET 2008 to