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New Xbox Controllers Bear Wireless Connectivity Feature

Controllers undeniably give gamers a different experience as compared to keyboards. That could be one reason why computer consoles like that of Play Station can still hook a lot of players despite enormous level ups in personal computers and laptops. With a controller, the gaming world fits in the hand of the gamer. One need not to have eye-to-eye contact with what his fingers are pressing.

Client-Server Based Payroll System using VB.NET Console/MSSQL

This is a Payroll System that is created using VB.NET Console as frontend and MSSQL Server 2000 as backend. This is a client-server based payroll System. Server Features: Login with only 3 attempts Working Days Employee Information Generate Employee Username and Password Employee Date/Time Record Deductions Leave Permission Leave Absences Payroll Generate Payslip User Accounts Client Features