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Simple Online File Archiver with Comment

In this tutorial, we will create a Simple Online File Archiver with Comment using PHP. This code can compressed multiple files at the same time and write comments on the archive to mark who is the owner of those files. First thing to do You have to download and install XAMPP or any local server that run PHP scripts. In my case I used XAMPP as my local server, here's the download link for XAMPP

Social Networking Site: Adding a Delete control for Comment and Sub comment

This tutorial, is a continuation of our previous topic called Social Networking Site: Adding a Sub-comment to a specific Post. But this time, I’m going to show you how to add a delete command of comment and sub comment. To start with this course, open our philsocial folder from the document root and open the home.php file. And inside the well class above all of the codes for comment and sub-comment well creates a function called “date_toText”.

PHP Comments

One of the best programming practice is using a Comment. A comment is a string code or text within PHP or any programming languages that is not visible during the execution in your web browser. And it provides the feedback to the developers or it temporarily disable the code and the most important thing is that comment serves to give some information about the code. In PHP, there are two types of Comment.

Comment System (Simple)

This project gives beginners of an insight in making comment system like facebook. To implement the program,; first you need to extract the zip file, then locate the .sql file which will be imported into the phpmyadmin, after importing, access now the php files by entering the url: localhost/file location of your php file/php file's name... This program was made to help beginners. I have once