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Billing System using Java

For using this program, you have to create the DNS under control panel. Follow some steps below to create a DNS. 1. copy database any drive 2. open control panel....administrative tool.... DATA SOURCE (odbc) 3. click add button...then click on "microsoft access driver(.mdb,.accdb)" 4. click select....then choose drive where is ur database.. 5. select Billing_System.... 6. then give name as Billing

Water Billing System

Water Billing System was aimed to solve problem of water Bill calculations for Maseru and Mafeteng Clients. The reports are produced in the form of written file. Its just a simulation but it works correctly. This programme gives output as 4 files of which 2 files are txt files (Bills and default), and 2 are doc files (Maseru and Mafeteng). Bills file contains information for all clients who