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attendance monitoring

Attendance Management System using PHP with Source Code

The Attendance Management System with Source Code is a PHP project that can maintain daily attendance records easily and conveniently. This system was created using PHP, HTML, MYSQLi, and Javascript. This application is easy to use, the user has access to all data that is related to student information. You can view the details and add some new information for courses, units, etc. The system data

Attendance Monitoring System in Android App with Full Source Code

Attendance Monitoring System in Android App with Full Source Code

The Attendance Monitoring System is developed in an Android Platform and with the use of Java programming language. This Attendance Monitoring System  is so simple and is designed with a user friendly interface. The main purpose of this Attendance Monitoring System in Android is to help schools or colleges in keeping track of the attendance of the students within the campus. About the Attendance Monitoring System in Android

Attendance Management System VB.Net and SQL Server

Attendance System in VB.Net and SQL Server Project Title: Attendance Monitoring System Language: VB*Net Database: SQL Server About Project: Attendance and Monitoring System project is developed using Visual Basic.Net and SQL Server Database. This project contains an Employee’s login side where an employee can Sign in for Time In and Time Out and Admin Panel where he/she can view the monthly

Attendance Monitoring System Using PHP

If you are looking for Attendance Monitoring System Using PHP then you are at the right place. This is a full source code. It has the admin side to view the data and the member side to entering their School ID Number to have their attendance and it will see a record on the admin side. This program works by entering the school id number of the user, after that it will show their image and full name and it will save the data automatically in the database.

FreePHP: Attendance System <Basic>

Basic Attendance System build from PHP & MySQL database. __________________________________ * DEX Connect - Management Authority * 1. Administrator: > (Admin)Dashboard - View Attendance Report - Print/Export PDF > View/Add/Edit/Delete Directory - Print/Export PDF - View/Add/Edit/Delete Active Users - Print/Export PDF - View/Add/Edit/Delete Admin User - Add/Create/Delete Active Users > SuperAdmin