26 common SAP interview Questions and Answers.

26 common SAP interview Questions and Answers.

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This is very imformative. I don't know how to program in SAP but heard from a friend that most programmer who knows SAP are well paid.

Yes There are many reasons a company selects and implements SAP – some are good and some are bad. The good ones include replacing an out-dated and inefficient IT Architecture (including the CIO’s nemesis … the burning platform), enabling business process change, and to gain competitive advantage. The bad ones are too numerous to go into here but would include the "why are we the only semiconductor company without SAP" question. More on the good reasons follows:

  1. Replacing an out-dated and inefficient IT Architecture: In the beginning, computer systems were developed by individual departments to satisfy the requirements of that particular department. When someone finally realized that benefits could be had by linking these systems together, interface heaven was born. There are some companies today with literally thousands of interfaces, each of which needs to be maintained (assuming of course that there is someone around who understands how they work!). Sweeping them away and replacing them with an integrated system such as SAP can save much money in support. Of course, if you have a burning platform as well the question becomes even easier.
  2. Enabling business process change – From the start, SAP was built on a foundation of process best practices. Although it sounds absurd, it is probably easier (and less expensive) to change your companies processes to adapt to SAP than the other way around. Many companies have reported good success from combining a SAP implementation with a BPR project.
  3. Competitive advantage – The CFO types around have heard this old saying from the CIO types for many years now. The question still has to be asked … can you gain competitive advantage from implementing SAP? The answer, of course, depends on the company. It seems to us, however, that:
  • being able to accurately provide delivery promise dates for manufactured products (and meet them) doesn’t hurt ... and
  • being able to consolidate purchase decisions from around the globe and use that leverage when negotiating with vendors has gotta help … and
  • being able to place kiosks in stores where individual customers can enter their product specifications and then feed this data directly into it’s production planning process is pretty neat
  • etc etc

I have not yet read all the content of your FAQ. I don't know if SAP is the same as visual basic or other programming languages. Most of the company that uses SAP are the big one. I didn't heard that some small to medium size company are using SAP. Correct me if I'm wrong.

yes small and medium scale companies also used this software because its also used in accounting, finance, development and many fields because its work in Clint / server for storing data. i am going to upload infosys training slides which shows the full picture of SAP and also going to upload how to navigate in SAP file which is very useful and provide the batter picture of SAP. its not easy to explain everything in comments so just wait for it.



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for more SAP Interview Questions and Answers: http://www.questions-interviews.com/categories/sap.aspx Regards, Akaas Developer
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These are the same questions what's already available in other sites. I mean same to same. Yeah, only thing it's been copied into a text file & zipped :) nyway !! Funny is Zipped just to 26 Questions.

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