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JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts Course Review

Understanding JavaScript could really be hard that you might want to drop everything in front of you. However, there is a course that is really designed to give a deeper understanding of this programming language. The JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts is a course that could help you understand and comprehend the difficult concepts like the Closures and Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript. In this course, you will be taught how JavaScript really works and there would also be observation of other source codes. You will have the opportunity to examine the source code of jQuery. You will also be able to build a mini-library for future use. JavaScript This course has more than 57 thousand students and bears a 4.7 rating. The instructor behind this course is a UX designer and software developer, Anthony Alicea, who has lots of experience in web aspects. This course is definitely perfect for people who want to improve their skills in JavaScript, coders of other programming languages, and even to new coders in JavaScript. This is also good for those who want to build their personal frameworks. All that are needed are browser, text editor, and a basic knowledge in JavaScript. What Others Say About This Course
This is hands down one of the best informed courses I've taken. I've learned more in this one course than all of my engineering classes together. And Tony, you are an awesome instructor and your asides are a great idea. Overall, this is the one course to take for any javascript developer.
- Amandeep Maman
I like his style, focusing on understanding the concepts and why rather than imitating other's code. He did an excellent job in explaining the concepts and linking the pieces together. It makes a whole lot of sense to deep understand the jQuery and some weird parts of JavaScript. Thanks!
- Ruili Lang
Excellent, excellent course! I learn A LOT! AND I especially valued the piece on learning from the GOOD code of others (ala JQuery) AND creating your own framework that builds off a great framework like JQuery. Definitely knowledge I put to use as soon as I was back in the office! GREAT stuff!
- Angela D Anderson
Anthony is clear and concise and strives at ensuring you understand the content, not just know the content.
- Mr Wilde Rob Wilde
I've watched the first 3 and a half hours and I love the detailed and step-by-step explanations the instructor offers. I have coded in JavaScript plenty before, so a lot of these concepts are familiar to me already, but the course so far has definitely helped me fill in some blank spots.
- Nikola Bulatovic


You can purchase it at $15 giving you a [node:field_discount] off the original price of $175 and you can enjoy as you learn how to write excellent code in JavaScript and enhance further your skill in fixing problems in JavaScript. The purchase includes an 11.5-hour video, seven articles, a full-time access, a mobile and television accesses, and a certificate of completion.