Online Grade Inquiry System - UPDATE w/ db sql file

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Online Grade Inquiry System for Trinidad Municipal College
Student can view grades online but cannot edit it
instructors can submit grades online
admin can add, edit subjects and courses
admin can add, edit students and instructors info

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hello.,po pwede ko po bang makita yung database'? saan ko po mahanap'? hindi po kc included sa files na ina upload mo.,salamat

Sir pwede po bang makuha yung Database nito reference ko lang po para sa THESIS ko.. paki send na lang po sa email ko [email protected]

bigay nyo na lang skype nyo, send ko yong sql

[email protected] sir I need the sql file :) thanks sir!

[email protected]
pa share po ng database sir need lang po sa thesis tnx

skype id: jamesp1 thanks

SIR pasend naman po nung sql ...nid ko lang po sa thesis tnx,,..eto po email ko [email protected] :)

Sir pa hingi naman po ng database nito. please po sir, This can help to my studies. pls po. Tnx in advnce sir. God bless you. [email protected]

sir ito po skype name send po please.. salamat ng marami

sir. pasend po ng database. need for my indiv. project. thank you po :)

skype account: pinkaholic_almira19

skype: edejerachel
salamat sir!


Sir, pahingi naman po nung password ng admin user.

[email protected]

salamat po.

Nid database po
Sana mbgay mu

anybody help me yung database po ng grades inquiry.. heres my email [email protected]...

hello sir please provide database my email is [email protected]

hello sir pwede po pa send ng database ..eto po email ko [email protected] thank you sir..

Hi sir penge nman po ng database. [email protected] ty

pwede mahingi ung data base sir send moh nlng poh sa yahoo ko
e2 poh ung yahoo ko [email protected]

halu sir.. pwee po b pahingi ng dataase. for thesis projek.. tnx po
gmail q [email protected]

pwede po mahingi ung database nyo?...

database po need parang awa n po my lord master skype name garile dagaas fb n din same lang

pede po bang mahingi database nyo?
ito po skype name ko sir, jeff250710. .....salamat po ng marami

datab. ase not available pls kindly send to [email protected]. Thanks in advance

Pa send naman po ng database please po. Eto po gmail ko. [email protected] God Bless

sir please pki send nman po ung database thanks. God bless


Sir paki send na rin po sa akin yung database sir please maraming salamat po.... [email protected] email ko po

sir, what is the password for admin user?

Sir, please help me by providing admin password.
[email protected]

Thanks for your good job ......but I can't find password for admin user.Thanks. ....

Sir, pwede po malaman kong anu ang mga account sa STUDENTS , ADMIN , TEACHERS ....naka HASHTAG kasi di ko alam anung account username at password nila,...thanks alot po..send lang sa gmail ko.. [email protected]

Thanks for your great work, Sir. Please I need the database and the passwords

email : [email protected]


please send me username and password. Though i have done the installation successfully. my email address is [email protected] you


Good day Sir please send me username and password. my email address is [email protected] you, d ko po kasi mapasok ung mismong GUI. :)

can you please mail me the email on [email protected].
love to hear from you.

sir can you send me the username and password of each user. please sir kailangan na kailangan ko po ito.
[email protected] yung email ko po

hi sir hingi lang po ng database it would be a great help in our thesis
thanks sir ito email ko [email protected] thanks Sir Godbless!

sir can you send me the username and password of each user.
my email : [email protected]

Has anyone been able to determine the admin password or how to reset it through the database?

Hi i need password for the user login . Thanks val15

Has anyone been able to determine the admin password or how to reset it through the database?


SIR! Goodday can i know what is the username and the password for admin just send it to my email... Thanks... :)
[email protected]

do you have the database of this program. . can i have some. .badly need it. . ^_^ tnx ahead. . [email protected]

Sir, good day!
Ask ko lng po yung panu maview ang grades po ng students? nakainput na po ako pero ndi pa po gumana :)
Thank you po!
[email protected]

pasend din po ng database salamat ng marami
[email protected]

username and password

good evening sir, can i ask the username and password? please send to my email if it's okay. [email protected] Thank you so much.

Sir pwd mahingi yung username and password
ill pay for dat..


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