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Hello everyone, this is an online examination system that can be used to test student. User login without registering and complete the test within the stipulated time.

The admin: admin
password: dlcf

Hope you will enjoy it.

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please send database at [email protected]

nice very much that include the whole thing is very nice

plz send the database to [email protected]om sir

Please sent that database to me please... [email protected]

Pls send me the database to my email
[email protected]


Please send me the database @ [email protected]

ok thanks u very much

Pls send me the database to my email
[email protected]

Pls send me the database to my email [email protected]

what is JAMB Number

Hi everyone, am really sorry, i loaded the wrong database for the work i will load the correct one as soon as possible.

Thanks for your consideration.

please send me the database to my email
[email protected]

I try to connect to the database but still missing JAMP NUMBER

i try to login but nothing happens after registering lamb_number. when i try to modify it, i found out that your jquery.js is the reason why i can't go on exam page. but still it doesn't work at all.. what should i do?

Dear sir,
admin and user table are not available in database. please provied complete database file.

admin or user tables not availbale in database

i could not find jamb number, or
could not log in user name: admin and password: dlcf


Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource

How can i find JAMB number?

mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource,
how to solve this thanks good work man.

error lagi pag magiimport ako ng database

1. Create a database name: dlcf
2. Import the sql file which is in the sql directory.

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