LAN Based Entrance Examination Using PHP/MySQL

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Hi everyone, I upload this code to help everybody that encountered difficulties in creation of their own lan based entrance examination. The feature of this code is it has a timer, wherein the student are allowed to take quiz in a certain duration of time. it has also a facilitator page wherein his function is to set the time duration of the exam. It has also an admin page where the admin can manage all, including add course, add question edit account and etc.. Download this code to see the unlisted feature behind the LAN Based Entrance Examination.

admin user name:admin
admin password: admin

database name:bcc

both sql and php file are included in the zip file attach

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Will you please help me . I dont know how to turn turn the code dropdown into radio button. please help. #argie.


$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM question WHERE course='$course'");
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
echo $row['question'].'?';
echo '';
echo '';

$resultik = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM choices WHERE question='$qid' ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 4");
while($rowik = mysql_fetch_array($resultik))
echo '';
echo $rowik['opt'];
echo '';
echo '';

may we know the contact number of sir jam. We need his expertise in PHP SQL......thanks

Ask lang. Pano icoconnect to sa windows server?

Edit the codes! To make successful

cannot login

cannot login into examinee..

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