Rental House Management System with Documentation


This is a system that focuses on helping the landlords and tenants get to have a common platform to interact about the condition of the house and how the payment has to be done. Also helps the landlord alert a customer about the rent payment due dates via an SMS API (Nexmo)

Specific Objectives:

  • To analyze the manual system for managing rental houses, outline its flaws and determine the significance of the digital system by the end of August.
  • To develop more than 50% of the rental house management system which will aim to digitalize the manual management of the rental houses for the landlords and tenants by the end of August.
  • To reach a significant number of landlords and tenants digitally offering a platform to easily manage their houses and have access to the rental houses respectively by the end of the year.

How to install:


  1. If you are using XAMPP, copy the 'rental_house' folder into 'htdocs' directory in xampp directory located in the Local Disk C. If you are using WAMP, copy the 'rental_house' folder into 'www' directory.
  2. Open phpmyadmin from the XAMPP or WAMP control panel.
  3. Create a database known as 'rental_house'
  4. Click 'Import' and choose 'rental_house.sql' to import the database.
  5. To access the system, write the following on the web browser: http://localhost/rental_house/

The following are the credentials to use while logging into the system:



Username: Administrator Password: administrator


Username: JJ
Password: 124567890


  1. Username: geneswaa
    Password: genesisgab

  2. Username: emanuel
    Password: 123456789

  3. Username: narindwa
    Password: genesisgloria


Tenant-In Details
Contacts List
Tenant Registration

We'll update this post after we upload the documentation.

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