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PHP - Awesome Dynamic Employees or Students Register


Greetings from Malawi the warm heart of Africa.
After doing a research of web systems to see how developers implement a register to their systems whether for a school project or company system to track students or employees availability. I noticed one thing in common most systems they display employees or students and clicking one at a time to record attendance which is so tiresome imagine if you have 300 students or 50 employees and because of that the system might face user resistance hence I decided to develop my own attendance register to simplify things.

This attendance register is so simple and dynamic it can be a good fit to any project looking to record attendance, what it does is that it displays all the days of that particular month and employees or students and you just have to check or tick the day corresponding to the student or applicant when finish you just have to hit save that’s all if we are in December it will display all the days in December if you’re in January it will automatically switch to January etc. that’s y it is so good and I have decided to share so that you can make your system awesome and save time developing or searching for registers.

How to try the project.

  1. Download the source code
  2. Extract and paste in your htdocs or www of your server location
  3. Run the project
  4. Login details are email is [email protected] password is 1234554321
  5. Thank me later Peace!!!!

If you have any question regarding this project or anything find me and if you have a website that you own and you would love to know how many people visit your website per day use my web application on this address

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