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The Faces of Negros Occidental Web Application major function which is to gather guest’s feedback through the guest’s post, comments, a rating for a certain place and the answered survey. The system would generate survey reports, most visited, highly rated, and monthly visitors of Negros Occidental Reports. The web application function consists of serving as a travel guide, track location, gather guest’s feedback, and generate reports for the admin.

Faces of Negros Occidental Web Application would have the following functionalities: In the blog, all the guest’s post will be seen. In the City, the list of all the cities within the Negros Occidental same thing with municipalities, which has the list of all the municipalities within Negros Occidental. In the categories, places are being categorized according to the tourist spots available such as Heritage Houses, Resorts, Historical Sites, Hotels, Restaurants, and Beach. And in the places, this is where the most visited, recommended cities, highly rated places are being displayed.

Faces of negros home page
Admin panel
Sample pages:

In order to view admin dashboard just type the link below

Admin accounts:
Username: admin
Password: killer0099

To view the guest blog site just type the link below:

Just sign up or create an account to log in.

Database name : tourist.sql

For more information about this system. You can contact me @
Email – [email protected]
Mobile No.: 09121067791(TNT)
FB Account –

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I would really love to see howthis source code runs but am encountering errors claiming "Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1049): Unknown database 'tourist' in C:\xampp\htdocs\fon\db\db_con.php on line 3
Could not connect". Kindly assist on how to go about it

In order to solve this error should import tourist.sql in your wamp or xammp server.The database tourist.sql is located at db folder.

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