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This is an absolutely fantastic web content management system for blogs .it enables you to easily manage your website or blog without much hustle. With this system you will run your blog like a boss. It provides you a wide range of capabilities to customize your blog to fit your needs. It has great features and you don't have to touch any code to have your blog up and running. Simply follow the instructions carefully found in the README.txt file.
There is an intuitive admin dashboard that enables you to easily manage your website or blog without any struggle. Your content flows smoothly within the system and it is secure.
Fantastic cms
1.pretty URLs in the blog
2.Pagination in the blog home page
3.Admin must approve blogs for guests
4.Better content display.
5.You can remove my back link on the footer.
6.improved functionality
Contact me for pro version :+254708344101

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mail function not work

balnk admin session problem whit 3 db connects

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